Products designed & made for the IP

Years of experience means we are able to offer a one stop shop to maximise value for the Insolvency Practitioner

Sandton Capital has partnered with specialists to offer a suite of products tailored for the Insolvency Practitioner.

Corporate & debt acquisition

Debt or equity funding in situations too complex for traditional capital sources.

  • Flexible investment criteria
  • Certainty and speed of execution
  • £1.3bn executed transactions
  • Pan European presence

What we purchase

  • Investment size £5m – £50m
  • Sector agnostic

Administration Funding

Funding for administration proceedings. Close in 3 weeks with confidentiality and certainty

Viability of the funding request will consider asset coverage from:

  • Hard assets
  • Financial assets
  • Litigations assets

Funding to date has provided liquidity to:

  • Investigate fraudulent activity pre-administration
  • Fund completion of assets to enable their proper sale
  • Fund interim costs to avoid ‘fire sales’
  • Cover legal and advisor expenses

Debtor book acquisition

Acquisition of debtor books to provide certainty on returns to company creditors.

  • Acquisition of debtor books
  • Funding provided by Sandton Capital with credit management by Credit Style
  • End to end process recognising the sensitivity of activities including litigation capability
  • Established 150 person collection team using market leading software
  • SRA and FCA compliance

What we purchase

  • Investment size £5m – £50m
  • Consumer regulated / unregulated debt
  • Commercial debt
  • Acquire at points throughout the collection lifecycle
A dedicated team to help you navigate value realisation.
Matt Meehan
+44 7747 015 396
[email protected]
Matt has over 35 years experience investing across the spectrum of credit and equity.
Andy Foster
UK Senior Advisor
+44 7850 652 879
[email protected]
Andy previously led Lloyds Banking Group Mid Corporate Business Support operation from Midlands north.
Ian Green
UK Senior Advisor

+44 (0) 7710 737 678
[email protected]

Ian previously led PwC’s UK Restructuring practice and was responsible for the UK’s largest restructuring team of 800.

Toby Bundy
UK Investment Manager
Toby has over 14 years of experience in restructuring and advising investors on distressed lending and/or buy-outs and assisting management teams of businesses in difficulty.
Daniel Abril
UK Financial Analyst

Daniel is an investment professional who has recently graduated with a MSc in Corporate Finance, from Neoma Business School in France.